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freelance consultant | startup vp | creative services manager | technology coordinator


18+ years of experience as a filmmaker, digital editor, website designer, digital media instructor, and performing musician.

"I am dedicated to advancing my talents, and honing my skills. I am looking for positions and projects that will utilize the many facets of my creativity. I am a dreamer and a visionary. I dare to speculate, to grow, to challenge. Most importantly, I strive to flow with change. When I am working on a creative project that holds meaning for me, I am unstoppable."

Vice President of Digital Filmmaking - 2002-2003
The Pritchard School of Digital Arts

Oversaw development of curriculum for student training, and worked directly with president/ceo to create company website, as well as web applications and marketing tools for startup school. Interviewed candidates for employment, and prepared curriculum for instructing students in the art of documentary filmmaking and conducting interviews. Worked with staff and administration to keep abreast of new technology in all areas of digital video, audio recording, editing, computer software and hardware, dv cameras and camera accessories.

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todd m. howard

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