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freelance consultant | startup vp | creative services manager | technology coordinator


18+ years of experience as a filmmaker, digital editor, website designer, digital media instructor, and performing musician.

"Bringing Internet technology to an entire community was a breathtaking experience. To watch a world literally 'become wired' was mirrored in an experience I had one day while working there: I watched a child's eyes light up the moment she realized that the new word she had just learned earlier that day succesfully communicated an idea to her Dad. Those kinds of connections were happening for people every day."

Technology Coordinator / Instructor - 1996-1997
The Oak Bluffs Elementary School, Martha's Vineyard

Designed and implemented a 120 node Local Area Network and set up LocalTalk networks in classrooms. Managed the implementation of an ISDN line Internet connection to a T1 line at a neighboring school. Set up a multimedia lab with video projection system for class instruction. Conducted professional development workshops for faculty and staff. Implemented school-wide digital voicemail system. Made computer purchasing decisions, set up new hardware, installed and updated software. Represented school on the Island-Wide Technology Advisory Committee and the Martha's Vineyard Educational Collaborative.

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todd m. howard

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